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I joined Rotary in2007. In last 8 years I got the opportunity to work in almost all the avenues of Rotary & now I accepted this prestigious post.

I was greatly inspired when I visited R. I. Headquarters at Evanston Chicago in last month and got fully charged for executing the services with this great opportunity which I have  got today.

 All the life’s problems are only due to the words early and late.

We dream early & act too late

We trust early & forgive too late

We get angry too early & apologize too late

We give up too early & forgive Too late

We cry too early & smile too late

So change early or it will be too late. And This is what is expected from our DG

 Main thrust area of district 3131 for this year is Service projects. Therefore you see the banner of our ongoing and upcoming service projects on the stage. My dream projects will be the Gift to the community and poor needy people from our club.

100 free surgeries a part of district project

T.B. awareness as 40 % population is already affected (we have started from first july-----)

Arogya vyakyanmala my dream project to increase the awareness about health

RDEP for more than 65 schools our literacy project

Jalasanchay Yojana a dream of our AG

Ground water is depleting very fast. Rain water is the only source of water. We can conserve this water by harvesting.

Six clubs of region 8 under guidance of AG Prasad planned to create system by which 10 crore lit. water will be arrested in ground every year.

Happy School for special Children (Mentally Retarded or physically Handicaps or Vanavasi Katkaries, deaf and dumb

Anti Spitting campaign

Happy village

Will be our major projects and we will continue our ongoing projects. Like wari, shishir swimming, book donation, blood donation and medical and dental camps. etc.

I would like to increase the membership with good quality members.

I have got a dream to make our club 100% PHF as before and will try  for the global grants for bigger and broader projects. This year we will try to contribute toward other country’s needy clubs